Alloy-edged carbon rims 80mm depth clincher for 700C road bike

80mm rims alloy-edged for bikes are with 23mm wide. It is a trend in road and triathlon road bike wheels. They are becoming fat. There are many advantages in using wide rims for clincher wheels.

Alloy-edged carbon rims 60mm depth clincher for 700C road bike

23mm wide for 60mm carbon clincher rims alloy-edged are strong and wider, the wide rims improve handling or cornering. It is popular in our online bike shops.

Alloy-edged carbon rims 50mm depth clincher for 700C road bike

23mm wide, 50mm deep 700c clincher rims alloy-edged can be done without braking track, and built for disc hub. It's ok used as cyclocross disc rims. It's the best for road & cyclocross bicycle wheels.

Alloy-edged carbon rims 38mm depth clincher for 700C road bike

wider 700c 38mmm clincher cyclo-cross rims alloy-edged are designed for cyclocross bike & road bike, it is the best choice for cyclo cross wheels, cyclocross bicycles riders.

25mm wide 50mm deep road bike rim clincher alloy-edged

25mm wide rim road bike 700c clincher alloy-edged, weight 640g, price USD165/PCS
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