The more detail about hubs ( MTB hub and road hub )

Here is a list for the hubs we use frequently. It is for customers to choose right hubs for their bikes. There are road hubs and mtb hub (like disc hubs, moutain bike disc hubs for DH racing). For all road hubs(Novatec A291/F482, Novatec A171/F172, powerway R13, Rotaz Fo68/R220R), they are shimano 8/9/10 speed Novatec A291/F582, it is campanolo 10/11 speed. Bitex RAF10/RAR9, it is ok shimano 8/9/10/11 or campagnolo 9/10/11. You can choose the one you like. The quick release is not together with hubs. But customers can order light Ti-quick release separately from us. For mtb hubs, we ha

The 23mm wide 700C carbon rims for road bike and cyclocross bike

Aligning a bicycle wheel also is called truing a wheel. Because the fibers around the spoke face of the rim are 100% intact, spoke tension is distributed more uniformly around the rim. This makes it easier to build a wheel with even tensions, as well as produce a higher quality wheelbuild that will require less maintenance down the road. There is a trend in road bicycle wheels and triathlon wheels, they are becoming fat.There are many benefits for using wide rims. First, you can use a wider tire at little-to-no aerodynamic penalty. When the rim width is more close to tire's width. This airflow

Pillar aero spoke PSR X-TRA 1420 of mountain bike spoke

Butted Aero Model T(mm) ØD1(mm) w(mm) ØD2(mm) α H(mm) L(mm) Weight(260mm) PBA 1425 9.0 2.0 2.5 1.05 95° 6.2 160-310 5.7 g PBA 1422 9.0 2.0 2.2 0.95 95° 6.2 160-310 4.7 g PBA 1420 9.0 2.0 2.0 0.95 95° 6.2 160-310 4.3 g SPEC Material Sandvik T302 (18/10) Advantage Pillar cold drawn technology.Double butted with three Blade options.Up to 30% weight saving without compromising strength. Thread Rolled (BC 56, DIN 79012)FG 2.3 Application Race/MTB/Down Hill Breaking Strength Spoke Tension According above datas and our client feedback, we find the PBA 1420 spokes are strong enough, and the weight is

The 3k 12K UD carbon fiber weave for rim and frame

What is the difference for 3k, UD and 12k ? The main type of carbon fiber used for the manufacture of bicycle parts are normal tow (under 12000 fibers) carbon fiber, like T700, or commonly known as 3k, 12k weave, and UD(uni-direction) carbon fiber. carbon rim 3k 12k ud carbon fiber weave 3k carbon fiber weave 12k carbon fiber weave UD Bicycle components, specifically carbon frames & rims are made using various grades of carbon fiber characterized mainly by their tensile strength and tensile modulus. Tensile strength is the amount of force needed to cause the fibers to break, while the tensile