The 23mm wide 700C carbon rims for road bike and cyclocross bike

The 23mm wide 700C carbon rims for road bike and cyclocross bike

Aligning a bicycle wheel also is called truing a wheel. Because the fibers around the spoke face of the rim are 100% intact, spoke tension is distributed more uniformly around the rim. This makes it easier to build a wheel with even tensions, as well as produce a higher quality wheelbuild that will require less maintenance down the road.

There is a trend in road bicycle wheels and triathlon wheels, they are becoming fat.There are many benefits for using wide rims.

First, you can use a wider tire at little-to-no aerodynamic penalty. When the rim width is more close to tire's width. This airflow tends to be smoother than the lightbulb shape of a wide tie- narow rim.

Why a wider tire is better? They reduce the risk of pinch flatting at given tire pressure.As well,you can use lower air pressure which absorbs more road shock, and reduce the rolling resistance. Wider tires tend tob have better grip on web or irregular road surface. In the past, road racers using 21mm tires at 150 psi (10 bar) for everyday usage. By 2012, we’ve seen nearly a universal adoption of 23 and 25mm tires by the Pro Peloton, at pressures from 90 to 115 pounds. Now, they often use up-to-28mm tires and even lower pressure.

Second, the wide rims improve handling or cornering.For example, suppose there is a 23mm tire. Mount this tire on both a 19mm wide and 23mm wide rim. The tire’s contact patch on the 19mm rim is long and narrow, and with the 23mm rim is short and wide (relatively). The wider rim increases air volume slightly, and makes the tire’s sidewalls more vertical. In theory, the tire casing has to deflect less to make the same size contact patch – easy enough.

Below is showing the ranges of tire size that is recommended for each rim size.

For example, a narrow 13c clincher rim measures 13mm on the inside walls. This generally correlates to an outside width of 18.5-19.5mm, but it varies depending on manufacturer and rim wall thickness. An "average" road rim used to be a 13c or 15c, and many of the new wide rims are 17c. A 17c rim generally lends to an outside measurement of about 23mm.

Please find as below for rims and tires width list.

European Tire and Rim Technical Oraganization Standards Manual - 2007

      Tire section width
Rim width
18 20 23 25 28 32 35 37 40 44 47 50 54 57 60 62
13C * * * *
15C * * * *
17C * * * * * * * * *
19C * * * * * * * *
21C * * * * * * * * * *
23C * * * * * * * * *
25C * * * * * * *
27C * * * * * *
29C * * * *

Customer Review


Enrico Landmann:

Hello , I need a couple of rims. the rear rim in 21 hole ( 14 hole right and 7 hole left side) and a front rim in 16 hole with internal Nipples. Is that possible ? How long is your Production Time ? Thanks and kind regards Enrico


Support :

Hi, Enrico,

Thanks for your inquiry.

We can drill spoke holes as your demand 16/21holes.

The rim lead time is about 7 days.

But one problem, our technicians say there two spoke drilling pattern for 21 holes: G3 and 2:1 ratio.

Which one do you want?