29er Full Suspension carbon mountain bike frame

29er Full Suspension carbon mountain bike frame, Advanced suspension design,reach the balance of speed and suspension.

TUBULAR MTB 27mm wide XC carbon wheels for 27.5er (650B) & 29er

TUBULAR MTB 27mm wide XC carbon wheels for 27.5er (650B) & 29er

Clincher wider carbon 26er mountain bike wheels AM&DH, outer width 33mm/30mm

clincher Wider carbon 26er wheels,, out width 33mm/30mm,1425g,ALL MOUNTAIN & DOWNHILL stronger wheels, USD 518/pair

26er MTB carbon wheel clincherr,outer width 25mm/23mm

26er wheelset,1345g,full carbon mountain bike 26er wheel clincherr,out width 25mm/23mm,USD 508/Pair

Clincher carbon MTB 650B wheels AM & XC, outer width 27.4mm/30mm/35mm

Clincher carbon MTB 650B wheel mountain bike 27.5er & 650B wheels total weight 1455g,outer width 35/30/27.40mm, tubeless compatible. USD 558/Pair .

29er carbon mtb wheels clincher tubeless, outer width 35mm&30mm&27.4mm&24mm

mtb 29er carbon wheels,all mountain,tubeless wheel ready,35mm wide maximum, it can be light & stiff, and it has got high comment at mountain bike review. Price USD558/Pair ONLY.

Clincher carbon 29er XC wheels, outer width 27.40mm (mountain bike wheelsets)

29er wheelsets,1460g,full carbon mountain bike 29er wheels XC clincher rims, out width 27.40mm, price:USD558/Pair

carbon MTB bicycle handlebars

carbon road bicycle handlebars, integrated handlebar, weight:318g, size of axle:28.6mm