Remarkable change -- new manufacture process is applied for Mountain Bike(MTB)

After around months‘ testing, the new manufacture process performs much better than the old process. During these 8 months, we get almost no rim crack issue for new process(very few spoke hole pulled out at the beginning. And after we solved the spoke hole process. We haven't got any rim crack issue). But for the old process, there are some crack issue after customers' a few months riding.
So, all wide 29er all mountain rim, 27.5er rim and New 26er DH rim(33mm wide & 30mm deep rim) are now all used new process. And For new process rims, only can be available for Carbon-bicycle. We haven't sold to any other local trade companies.

Some trade companies will sell the rims with old manufacture process at cheap price(some are the old process stock ones). If customers likes rim strong & with new process, please contact Carbon-bicycle team. We will provide good rims & good after-sell service for all of you.

New Manufacture Process of carbon MTB rims with first letters “MR”

New process rims are with different serial number, it starts with "MRXXXXXXXXX".

"MR06XXXXXX" is for 26er carbon rims,"MR01XXXXXX" is for 650B carbon rims, "MR02xxxxxxx" is for 29er wide carbon rim.

For the old process & stock ones, it starts with " SDXXXXXXXXX", or without serial number. Because the serial number is invisible sometimes for the old process.
The MTB carbon rim manufactured with new process :

The MTB carbon wheels manufactured with new process are :

New 26er DH wheels(33mm wide&30mm deep rim):ready for sell, we are preparing the files to list this product on our website for sell.

Thank you for all your kind support, Carbon-bicycle team( engineers & sales) will keep improving rim quality.

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