Axe, pourquoi le 142 X 12 ?

axe carbone vélo 142x12 moyeux blocage rapide

Carbon 650b mountain bike rims status

The looking samples of 650b mountain bike rim have been finished already. It is with 30mm for the outer width, 23mm for the inner width and 20mm depth. It is designed for tubeless compatible. 650b wheel The weight for looking sample rim is around 330g. We put the rim together with 26er wider rim, 650b rim,29er wider rim. And take a picture as below. 650b rim In next coming weeks, we will make testing samples to do spoke tension test, tyre pressure test, impact test and riding test. The weight for 650b mtb rim will be around

Project already done 650b rims for 27....

According to customers' suggestions, we have opened 26er wide rim mold and 29er wide rim molds. Now, the next project will be 650b rims. There are quite a few customers like rims of this size. We welcome all customers to provide some suggestions on the rim dimensions, like the outer width/inner width/depth/rim weight. Some customers say outer width be 30mm, and 23mm for the inner width, but some like outer width to be 28mm, inner width be 21mm. What do you think? 26er VS 27.5er VS 29er The