Buying Your First Mountain Bike

People from all walks of lives who love adventures will surely love to have fun with mountain bikes. They will certainly be in high spirits to buy a mountain bike for their own riding through the muddy rough trails. It'said that mountain bikes are more than just an applied science. It gives an experience that is even more than just a work of art lived for. It is the burning passion that fuels the men to have biking at its best. Though mountain bikes are expensive to afford still you can have an alternative option of buying a relatively less costly one. For the amateur riders, the normal local

How to choose carbon bicycle parts

Drop by our shop and hold carbon bicycle parts (a carbon handlebars, seatpost or fork, or better, lift one of our full-carbon dream machines), and you'll be startled at how little they weigh. The real surprise, though, comes on rides, when the featherweight and beautiful miracle material transfers more of your effort to the ground, dazzling you with acceleration, climbing, control and even comfort, superior to anything you've pedaled before. Carbon fiber is so light and tough that Boeing picked it for their 787 "Dreamliner" jet. It's over 80% carbon, including the fuselage, which seats 300-plu

Choose A Carbon Bike Over Other Bike Frames

Before you purchase a road bike, it's important first to determine your riding style, goal, and budget. If you've already bypassed the most common bike frames – the steel and aluminum types, and don't have the budget to get a titanium or hybrid bike frame, then you might want to consider the carbon fiber-made bike. Although the market is filled with many types of bikes in various designs, a carbon bike is an excellent choice for road or track riding. Great importance and emphasis should be given to the bike frame material to get the best quality and comfortable riding experience from whatever

Aero wheels! 38mm VS 50mm carbon rims

There are a few customers like to know the benefit of 38mm vs 50mm carbon road bike rims. The shape is almost the same for carbon tubular/clincher 38mm rims & 50mm rims . They are both aero wheels/rims. The 38mm is lighter, but the 50mm is stiffer. The .38 have a bit faster jump and the .50 hold speed better. If you live in a pretty windy place, the 50mm could prove to be a bit much to handle in any sort of cross winds. But the differences are small between these two rims. Rim / wheel stiffness / spoke count & tension/air pressure/rider weight & rider skill does effect ride quality also. It de